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Aruba Advanced Mobility Troubleshooting & Solutions

Learn how to design mobility first networks, strategize their implementation/configuration and their troubleshooting methodologies.


Course Objectives

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:

  • Plan, implement and troubleshoot enterprise multi-site Aruba campus wireless network, remote-access, and multi-tenant environment.

  • Analyze functional requirements to create a network design and implementation plan

  • Configure and validate Aruba WLAN secure employee and guest solutions.

  • Implement advanced services and security solutions.

  • Manage and monitor Aruba solutions.

  • Perform advanced troubleshooting.

Course Contents

  • Infrastructure & Redundancy

    • Analyze Functional Requirement for Aruba Architecture and troubleshooting zones

    • Mobility Master redundancy (L2 vs. L3)

    • Clustering (L2 & L3 deployment and Hitless failover)

    • Multi-controller Operations

  • Planning, implementing and troubleshooting Campus AP and Remote AP Provisioning

    • WLAN Provisioning

    • Secure employee WLAN

    • Guest Access

    • Remote AP

    • IAP VPN Development

  • Planning, implementing and troubleshooting advanced services and security solutions

    • Role Derivation & Firewall Policies

    • Dynamic RF Management (AirMatch, ARM old)

    • Voice & Video Optimization

    • AirGroup

    • Tunneled Node

    • Multizone

    • RFProtect (WIDS/WIPS)

    • Advanced Aruba OS (AOS) Features

    • CPSec

  • Planning, implementing and troubleshooting Network Management and monitoring

    • ArubaOS Dashboard

    • Airwave

    • Spectrum Analysis

    • Monitor using Clearpass    ​


Typical candidates that are preparing for ACMX v8 written exam and/or ACMX v8 lab exam. Also, IT Professionals that are looking to further advance their expertise/knowledge on HPE Aruba Mobility technologies for career growth.

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