Aruba ClearPass Fundamentals 

Course Description

The Aruba ClearPass Fundamentals instructor-led course prepares participants with foundational skills in Network Access Control using the ClearPass product portfolio. This 3-day course includes instructional modules and hands-on labs to lead participants through the implementation and configuration of a ClearPass Network Access Control solution.  This course is the first of two sections in the complete Aruba ClearPass Essentials course, and is designed to build the learner’s foundational knowledge in authentication and access control using ClearPass.

This course is primarily focused on ClearPass fundamentals, but provides the basics on the device configuration required when considering the interaction between the Network Access Control Device and ClearPass. Participants will learn how to configure access control logic within the Policy Manager. Understand how to use ClearPass Guest to configure a convenient yet secure public access network. Participants will explore device profiling. In addition, this course covers integration with external Active Directory servers and Monitoring.

Course Topics

  • Intro to ClearPass

    • Basic Concepts of Network Access Control

    • ClearPass Use Cases

  • Authentication, Authorization, Accounting

    • Authentication Basics

    • Multi-Level Client Authorization

    • Radius Accounting

    • Configuration of Authentication Sources Including LADP and Active Directory

  • External Connectivity

    • Configuring Network Access Devices

    • Configuring Email Messaging Servers

    • Aruba Security Exchange Integration

    • Integration with Enterprise Mobile Managers

  • Endpoint Profiling

    • Device Type Identification

    • Profiling Collectors

  • Roles and Enforcement.

    • Introduction to Services

    • Implementation of Enforcement Logic.

    • ClearPass Role Assignment

  • Configuring Services

    • Service Selection Logic.

    • Implementation of Effective Services in ClearPass

  • Wired Authentication

    • Wired Access Control

    • Enforcement on Wired Networks.

    • Endpoint Profiling on Wired Networks

  • Configuring Web Services

    • Custom Web Content

    • ClearPass Skins Web Templates

    • Custom Informational Webpages

  • Introduction to Guest

    • Guest Access with Captive Portal.

    • Web-Based Authentication

    • Guest Access with MAC Caching.

    • Guest Account Management

  • Guest Access with Self Registration.

    • The Self-Service Guest Access Experience.

    • Configuring a Self-Registration Portal

    • Configuring Self-Registration with Internal Sponsorship


3 days (Three Days)