EDU-ATS: Advanced Troubleshooting 

Course Description

The “Advanced Troubleshooting (ATS)” course is a three day instructor-led course provides an overview of methodologies and tools for troubleshooting Aruba based networks. Labs are designed to inject problems into the student networks in a controlled fashion to demonstrate how various symptoms appear. Therefore, when problems are seen in a production environment, they will be more quickly identified and remedied. The course is based on ArubaOS 6.5.

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals responsible for the provisioning and configuration maintenance of an Aruba based network. This course is not a hardware troubleshooting oriented class. Rather it focuses on the commands and screens necessary to diagnose network and wireless related issues.

Course Prerequisites

Knowledge level at the ACMP level. Students must be comfortable with provisioning profiles for various aspects of the Aruba Controller. The labs are written as objectives and are not documented in a step by step manner. Therefore, the student must know how to provision a controller without reliance upon detailed lab instructions.

Course Contents

  1. Troubleshooting Philosophies

  2. Overview of Troubleshooting tools

    • Debug

    • Logs

  3. AP Boot Issues

  4. RF Issues

    • Spectrum Analysis

  5. IPSec

  6. Remote AP

  7. Client Issues; Connectivity & authentication

  8. Captive Portal

  9. Role Derivation

  10. Infrastructure Issues

  11. Master-Local Communications

  12. VRRP

  13. Radius & DHCP


3 days (Three Days)