Managing Campus Networks with Aruba AirWave

Course Objectives

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:

  • Configure AMP 8.2.7

  • Demonstrate adding devices on the network to the Airwave Management Server

  • Understand Visual RF heatmaps and location information

  • Demonstrate how to troubleshoot wireless network issues using Airwave

  • Understand how to use RAPIDS to identify and locate rogues

  • Demonstrate how to manage and administer an Airwave Management Suite and configure Devices using AWMS(AMP)

Course Topics

Introduction to AWMS

  • Airwave Platform

  • Features and Benefits of AMP RAPIDS and Visual RF

  • Airwave products

  • Basic operations using AWMS

Installing AWMS

  • Installing AMP

  • Hardware requirements

  • Cent OS and AWMS software

  • Basic configuration steps

  • Upgrade AWMS software

  • Licensing AWMS

  • AWMS documentation

Adding Device to AWMS

  • Folders and Groups

  • Adding devices general process

  • Manually adding devices

  • Device discovery and managing device discovery

  • Moving a device to a folder

  • Troubleshooting

IAP Organizaion and Groups

  • Overview of IAP

  • Airwave integration

  • Golden configuration

  • IAP Organization options

  • IAP Whitelist

Using Visual RF and Visual RF Plan

  • Navigation

  • Setup

  • Heat-maps and location information

  • Import floorplan graphics

  • Plan deployments

  • Provision APs

  • Manage Visual RF performance

Network Health

  • Diagnostics page indicators

  • Network performance tabs

  • Source of issues

  • Network issues

Troubleshooting Clients and Wireless Networks

  • Searching for users and Diagnostics tab

  • Client issues

  • Network issues

  • AP issues

  • Switch/Controller issues

  • General Issues

Rogue Detection and Using RAPIDS

  • Why use RAPIDS

  • Threat Detection Methods

  • Rules

  • Classifications

  • IDS Events Report

  • New Rogue Devices Report

  • Visualization

  • PCI Compliance

  • WMS Offload

Managing Administrative Access, Alerts, Triggers and Reporting

  • Configure role-based administrative use access to the AMP system

  • Triggers

  • Alerts

  • Define and generate reports

Scalability and Redundancy

  • VM Redundancy

  • Failover for Redundancy

  • Master Console for large deployments

  • Multiple AMP Server deployments

  • Large Deployment example

System Administration

  • AMP Maintenance

  • Device Maintenance

Wired Device Management

  • Monitoring wired devices in AWMS

  • Wired device port and interface information

  • Wired device bandwith statistics and counters

  • Managing and configuring wired devices via AWMS templates

AirWave Aruba Groups

  • How AWMS configures devices

  • Using groups to control policies

  • Creating and controlling groups

  • Basic Group Design

  • Configuration Audits

IAP Template Configuration

  • Fetching a Template

  • Template Variables

  • Templates Configuration

IAP GUI Configuration

  • Golden configuration

  • GUI mode

  • GUI configuration


3 days (Three Days)