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Professional Services

Site Survey:

To reach expected performance of the wireless lan, a proper site survey is required to Identify optimum locations for installing wireless access points or mesh nodes, analysis of existing RF interference, and assessment of equipment mounting assets and existing wired distribution systems through our professional tools and equipment.

Network Implementation:

Teqguard provides the skills and knowledge to install different types of networks and wireless projects, starting from system analysis, planning of the installation, configuring controllers and access points, training for installers, and overseeing of the installation of the wireless network, Verification of the installation of the wireless network by developing a test plan and performing tests to ensure that all requirements are met, such as signal coverage, performance, security, and supportability.

Installation and Mounting:

Teqguard technical team is fully equipped, well trained on indoor and outdoor installation and mounting, our team is trained on different types of Access Points installations, varies between wall, ceiling, pole, and tower installation, and certified with required tools and equipment required during installations.

Support & Maintenance:

  1. Technical Troubleshooting.

  2. Out Sourcing Engineers.

  3. AMC- Annual Maintenance Contract.

  4. Monitoring and Management.


Teqguard provide a detailed documentation of each part of the wireless project, these documents contains designing stage to implementation plan through testing and commissioning reports till the handing over document.

Project Management:

Planning of the deployment of an enterprise wireless network and management of the deployment and resources, including requirements definition, design, installation, testing, and operational support and AMC.

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