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ٍSolution Services 

  • Teqguard has in house consultants, having the expertise to understand, trouble shoot and providing solutions as consultancy, to your entire networks and applications, from small business to Large level of enterprise. We are providing on and off consultancy which is based on customized technology expertise. There is a dedicated department to work on your entire project. This is just to cut the operational cost of client and ultimately to keep the clients save from all risks and uncertainly during the project.


  • These solutions might be advisory services from designing till Integration, also to share our consultants for integrated end to end IT Solutions as well.

Expertise in Solutions as Services is,

  • Data Centre

  • Firewall and Security

  • Wireless Solutions

  • Virtualization

  • Routing and Switching

  • Network Management Solutions

  • Applications

Planning and Designing Service

With Knowledgeable team, trained and developed for designing and planning Enterprise Architect and Design, keeping in view the professional dead line to complete all process within given time line, i.e.,

  • Information Gathering and Proof of Concept (POC)

  • HLD Review and Discussion

  • Low Level Design.

  • High Level Design (HLD) in detail

  • HLD Approval

Teqguard carries out specialized activities/projects according to general direction. Influences others to support decisions and Anticipates problems with seeks opportunities. Our consultants are highly independent and self directed, to work for any customized enterprise or service provider projects.

We understand your network and the customized infrastructure, with policies and procedures related to your project and infrastructure, and this understanding and support is our job.

  • Network Design

  • Network Standard Development for consistency

  • Network Migration

Planning and Designing Service

  • Enterprise Network Design and Implementation

  • Data centre Design WAN optimization Security

  • Network Standard Development for consistency

  • In-house skill set to cover layer1 to Layer 7 of networking with rick pool on technical Consultants.

  • IT Security Audits (Penetration Testing) DLP solutions

  • Infrastructure Audit and ISO audit and Implementation

  • IT Fraud Investigation and Training Services, Solutions provider and Training Centre for IT Infrastructure network and Security Products

  • Security for End point, Data Encryption, content Filtering Access Control, Wi-Fi Security

Planning and Designing Service

Skilled resources which we are providing as consultants and outsourcing Professional Services, to ICT industries, using all kind of technologies. Our neutral vendor approach and having expertise in house always outshine our services in the region. We are providing Assessment, Optimization and Migration Services that is

  • To Reduce the operational cost and to increase productivities in term of ROI

  • Server to boost for utilization rates

  • From storage point of view reduce Data centre space, energy requirements and heating and cooling etc

  • Last but not least, we scale efficiently according to your business model

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